Autoire “one of the most beautiful villages of France”

Autoire one of the most beautiful villages of France

Autoire, a village at the heart of the history

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Busqueilles, the history at the heart of the village!

The village of Autoire is known for its circus, its waterfall. Another reason, less known, to visit this magnificent village situated near Saint-Céré, is the wealth of its history.
The viscounts of Turenne took care of their cities vassals and during the Hundred Years’ War, Saint-Céré as Autoire little had to suffer, protected well by the powerful ramparts of Saint Laurent. Hardly of this situation, the rich bourgeoisie becomes established in the village, in luxurious houses. Among them, dominating the former very medieval of Autoire, the castle of Busqueilles. It was up to a family ennobled in the XVIIth century, De Cirot, family established in Autoire from 1555. Jean De Cirot and his son Jacques, “Messrs. of Busqueilles”, were so councillors of king, in the seneschal of Martel. In the XVIIIth century, De Cirot became allied in De Lascazes de Figeac. The magnificent manor house distinguishes itself essentially by its big entrance gate of the XVIIIth century, struck the weapons of both families.
The successors were Araquy d’Envergne’s families then Landes-Delprat.
Windows drilled on the main facade been organized during the second half of the XVIIIth century. The north lodging house possesses on the other hand only a single floor. Two stone small windows of the XVIIth century are combed by a triangular front wall. The windows of the level of house are, as those of the southern part, typical of the XVIIIth century with their girder in bow segmentaire.
The castle is private and can only be visited from the outside! But in Autoire, between manor houses and small manor houses, there is many others…

La Dépêche du Midi

One of the most beautiful villages of France

At random alleys were borrowed, we discover, dazzled, a fountain was surrounded with half-timbered house; farther, the corbelled constructions of old white houses with roofs of brown tiles; somewhere else several more attractive small manor houses the some that the other, dashing and flanked by turrets. Of the church, we pass in a terrace where from the view dives on the mill of Limargue and the rocky circus which shelters Autoire in the southwest. The viscounts of Turenne took care of their estates vassals and, during the Hundred Years’ War, St Céré as Autoire little had to suffer, protected well by St Laurent’s powerful ramparts. The village today pursues its peaceful life, at the heart of a magnificent region where everything is to be seen: of the top, for its castles, to the bottom, for its circus, and even lower.

Situated in the North of the department of the Lot less than 8 km in the northwest of St Céré.
Tourist office: +33
In the surroundings, visit the waterfall and admire the panorama which offers the circus of Autoire. Visit the castle of Montal near St Céré and Castelnau near Bretenoux. Offer yourselves one day to discover the site of Rocamadour, the abyss of Padirac and the caves of Presque. Go down along of the Dordogne to visit the villages of Loubressac and Carennac.

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